The Egyptian government have a lot to learn about population crisis management. China's one child policy is a good place to start.

When we think of revolutions, we think of protests and a common calling by the masses to radically change things or to replace the political regime altogether. But revolutions can happen in the business world as well and the roaring 1980s saw extreme turbulence on Main Street and Wall Street that had a profound impact on the way we do things that have lasted until this very day.

On M...

Imagine waking up one morning to the news that the government has announced that, overnight, all of your cash is illegal and that you, and everybody else, will need to go to the bank and exchange your cash for new notes. Not only that, but if the government suspects that the cash was sourced illicitly, you will be slapped with a one-off extortionate level of tax.

I suspect your heart...

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Aly El Shalakany


is a Senior Partner at Shalakany, a corporate law firm in Egypt, which he joined from Linklaters in London. Aly is a noted specialist in finance, projects and mergers and acquisitions. Aly is also the Chairman of the Cairo Angels, one of the leading angel investment groups in the Middle East and Africa.


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